I am a fully qualified, professionally trained genealogist. Having been awarded the Diploma in Genealogy from the Institute of Genealogical and Heraldic Studies (IHGS) I am able to use the post nominal DipGen. I am a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists (RQG) which requires that members have attained a high academic standard in the study of genealogy, and membership confers the right to the post-nominal QG. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and am also an AGRA Associate. I abide by the codes of practice of these organisations.

Other memberships held are the Society of Genealogists, The Heraldry Society, and the Hampshire Genealogical Society, I am a graduate member of the Institute of Genealogical and Heraldic Studies.

I am based in Greater London and Dorset. I specialise in English records, but am also familiar with Welsh, Scottish and Irish records - in particular those of the Church of Ireland. I have a special interest in Anglo-Irish Ascendancy families, armigerous and gentry families, and in heraldry. My research into my family history led to the unearthing of several secrets and the unravelling of a mystery or two!

Many of us have ancestors who are hard to trace. Among the numerous reasons are migration - to another parish or abroad, or errors in transcription where the individual has been recorded with a different name - in fact this is a fairly common occurrence. I have solved several seemingly impenetrable family conundrums (also known as brick walls), and have an interest in this kind of incisive work. 

My course of study with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies highlighted the importance of  viewing original documents, as the transcripts which are available on the internet not uncommonly omit a crucial piece of information. This happened when I was searching for my Hampshire ancestors. Having searched initially the HALS online catalogue I found that the actual records contained a wealth of extra information which was pencilled into the margin of the document and therefore absent from the catalogue description.

I endeavour to record the history of each family truthfully and accurately, and my experience has taught me to check every source diligently and thoroughly. Often families have stories about their ancestors handed down which have become possibly more 'colourful' with each generation. I aim to find the grains of truth in these stories and have experienced considerable success in this area.

My own family story covers several English counties including Hampshire, Sussex, Lancashire, Warwickshire, Northumberland, and Westmorland, along with Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), as a data controller (Registration number ZA278273), and comply with the Data Protection Act, 1998.

 Please visit my Terms and Conditions page for more information. 

Memorial Inscription for members of the Dicker and Budd families, All Saints Church East Meon, Hampshire.

Memorial Inscription for members of the Dicker and Budd families, All Saints Church East Meon, Hampshire.

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(Banner image at head of page: indenture dated 1733 displaying the seal of William Dicker. Courtesy of Hampshire Archives and Local Studies)